42nd Street

It’s not the longest street – just two blocks. But the block between Mahabandoola and Merchant has some beautiful buildings and an entrance into a renovated Doh Eain alleyway: https://www.doheain.com.

Other things that caught our eye:
*1 Upstairs at no.106 (a beautiful wooden-fronted building) is a sweet-smelling candle shop.
*2 Large ice blocks kept under sawdust – which works as insulations even in our tropical temperatures – for selling to vendors who need (yes) ice!
*3 This department store was once the Royal Hotel – the third fanciest hotel in Yangon after the Strand and the Minto Mansions: https://lostfootsteps.org/en/history/a-photo-of-the-old-royal-hotel.
*4 A great coconut seller – select your coconut and they will grate the flesh, make coconut milk for you, and give you the husks.
*5 In one corner of the Red Cross building is the Union Bar and Grill – a Yangon institution.

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