21st Street

Apart from the hardware stores which spill over from Anawrahta Road, this is a street for Chinatown architecture in all its faded glory. The lower block in particular has some beautiful old houses, with wooden shutters and fantastic doors and tiles. Many of them are in need of loving care, but to see what they could look like, visit Turquoise Mountain at *4.

Other things that caught our eye:
*1 Pamper yourself with renowned Korean beauty products from the shop at no. 145.
*2 Some lovely old buildings (nos. 121, 129, 136).
*3 Pop round the corner to Mahabandoola Street – at no. 652 there is a branch of “119”, which sells Chinese fashion including masks and costumes – good for fancy dress or Halloween. And just further along the street at no. 654 there is a very old-school Chinese traditional medicine shop – with everything you need for what ails you.
*4 Turquoise Mountain – in two gloriously renovated houses (admire the peacock tiles!) at nos. 14-16, they support traditional crafts such as goldsmithing and weaving: http://turquoisemountain.org/myanmar.

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