26th Street

A mosque, a synagogue (also a Blue Plaque heritage building), a Buddhist monastery and temple, and a Hindu temple round the corner, this street epitomises the religious diversity of downtown Yangon.
It also has part of downtown Yangon’s largest traditional market – Thein Gyi Zay, which sprawls from here to Shwedagon Pagoda Road and sells everything. On 26th Street, you can find Blocks A and B of Thein Gyi Zay, as well as a fantastic afternoon/early evening wet market.
The lower block is more of a conundrum, as it specialises in selling paints and pigments, and fishing equipment including ropes and nets – which are not related to each other at all. Nevertheless, this is the place for both – and the lower block has some beautiful architecture too.

other keywords: fishing nets, kitchenware, hardware, traditional medicine

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