27th Street

From basic building supplies to Yangon’s most upscale shopping (as represented by Junction City Mall) this street has it all. In the upper block, you can find the very useful bag and suitcase repairers – sitting by their machines on the street and ready for your custom (between Bogyoke and Anawrahta), as well as shops selling heavy duty-materials including canvas, tarpaulins, linoleum for floors, floor mats and, last but not least, fake grass. The middle block has chemistry equipment such as flasks, beakers and test tubes; and chemicals such as borax, as well as many sorts of flavouring and fragrances. And some cardboard and packaging supplies, and lots of bubble wrap (to help you get your test tubes home?).
The lower block has building supplies, including chicken-wire, rope and string.

Other things that caught our eye:
*1 The well-known South Asian grocery, A.K. Khan, selling gram and Atta flours, every sort of bean and lots of spices.
*2 Between nos. 142 and 146 is a Doh Eain renovated alleyway: http://www.doheain.com.
*3 Three highlights for the price of one: metal trunks at no. 126, a fabulous banana shop at no. 116 and rubber bands and balloons at no. 112.
*4 Blackboards for sale at no. 80 (near a tea shop too!).

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