Seik Kan Thar Road

This is THE street to go to for computers, their associated parts, printers and other accessories, and for their service and repair. And the same for phones – in fact, for all sort of consumer electronics.

Other things that caught our eye:
*1 Experience the eerie calm of an empty shopping mall – the Blessing Mall. All built, but only a few shops, we do not know why. Next to the mall is the 38th Street Plaza (yes, we know this is Seik Kan Thar Road, but that is what the plaza is called) – here you can find upholstery foam for mattresses, cushions and sofas; a limited choice of upholstery materials; and many tailors.
*2 The Yangon Justice Centre at no. 99 – a legal clinic providing free services for those in need.
*3 The red-brick Tubantia building, which has a splendid Dutch gable and was built by a Dutch trading company, Stork & Co. It is next to the Bureau of Special Investigations.

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