Bogalay Bazaar Road

Also known on Google maps as Bogalay Zay, the upper block is a lovely street to stroll down – with wide pavements and interesting & colourful architecture. The YWCA building is a Blue Plaque heritage building – thanks to Yangon Heritage Trust:

Other things that caught our eye:
*1 Handwoven Chin fabrics from SoneTu at no. 138 (upstairs) and open by appointment:
*2 The Yuwaddy centre – a café, handicraft shop and youth community centre that provides training and employment for underprivileged women from Karen State It’s currently closed, but we hope it will open again soon.
*3 The fanciest barber shop in town – have a full service shave and spiff-up with a whisky on the side at no. 90.
*4 This building, now a department store, used to be the Royal Hotel, the third fanciest hotel in Rangoon (as it was) after the Strand Hotel and the Minto Mansions:

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