Kon Zay Tan Road

A fabulous covered dry market, Thein Gyi Zay Block A, with an entrance opposite the police station, is the main reason to visit Kon Zay Tan Road (also known in Google maps as Konzedan). Thein Gyi Zay Block A is the oldest building of the five that make up Thein Gyi Zay and is certainly the most atmospheric.
You can also buy traditional medicines, fragrances for perfume, and flavourings for cakes. And there are some fishing shops and paint shops, though not as many as on 26th Street.

Other things that caught our eye:
*1 These used to be lovely colour-coordinated apartments – then they were repainted and are no longer quite so beautiful!
*2 Everything for the Buddhist monk or nun in your life – there are quite a few shops here selling all required clothing and accessories.

Other keywords: rope, string, twine, nets, tiles

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