33rd Street

A street that begins and ends with old buildings in need of love and care – the imposing Waziya cinema building, and the rapidly fading Balthazar building. In between these two heritage buildings are more printers and binders, a great art supply shop (A-Kan at no. 152), and some very interesting and very small second-hand camera and lens sellers at the northern end of the middle block.

Other things that caught our eye:
*1 The Waziya building – the oldest cinema in Yangon, once called the Excelsior: http://www.yangonheritagetrust.org/waziya-cinema and also in https://www.relicsofrangoon.com/?page_id=1235.
And the alley behind the cinema, “The Waziya Cinema Street”, is beautifully decorated thanks to the artists from Yangon Walls.
*2 Is this Yangon’s only stacking car park? Three stack parking for Sakura towers – fun to watch!
*3 The street has a name at last – Sibin Street.
*4 The back of Yangon Stock Exchange, the 18th Blue Plaque building. This street is interrupted by three more Blue Plaque places: the 1st Blue Plaque, given to City Hall, and the 10th and 11th Blue Plaques, which are in Mahabandoola Park itself – all thanks to Yangon Heritage Trust: http://www.yangonheritagetrust.org/home.
*5 The beautiful but dilapidated Balthazar building: see https://www.relicsofrangoon.com/?page_id=1123 and https://www.mmtimes.com/news/balthazars-lost-grandeur.html for more information.
*6 The back of the New Law Courts, built in 1927, now a (as yet unopened) luxury hotel and a Blue Plaque building.

Other keywords: sound systems, TVs, surveillance systems

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