Bo Ywe Road

Bo Ywe Road has a great ambience – it is another of the slightly wider streets (as are all the named rather than numbered streets) and has lots of lovely buildings and several clan houses, some of which are quite old and extremely beautiful. The upper block is also good for household electronics and appliances.

Other things that caught our eye:
*1 A beautiful 1805 clan house which is sometimes open to visitors: (See ).
*2 Architecture: clan houses on both sides of the road – look up!
*3 An old colonial building with a tree growing in it – which is very close to collapse at this point. And a place that makes custom-made, hand-sewn car covers.
*4 A tea shop (no. 66) selling many varieties of loose tea as well as other local products such as fried beans, peanuts, sesame etc.


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