Shwe Bon Thar Road

Also known as Mogul Street, the lower block is a well-known place to buy and sell gemstones, where you can find huddles of men holding red stones up to the morning light. Do make sure you know what you are buying though! You can also find some gold jewellery shops.
The middle block is the place to buy glasses (frames and lenses) and to see an optician. And the upper block has more opticians and many medical clinics and laboratories, as well as places to have your signboard made, if you should wish to have your name in lights. And there is (of course!) some beautiful architecture.

Other things that caught our eye:
*1 Get your umbrella repaired!
*2 A toy shop – but only for plastic toys… sadly.
*3 Nos. 221-222 are lovely buildings.
*4 Beautiful buildings – look up!
*5 “Cartia” Diamond house – we love the name.
*6 This beautiful renovated building is the Indian Cultural Centre, and, on the opposite corner of the street is another renovated beauty, housing the Burma Bistro (upstairs).

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