Bo Son Pat Road

Religious diversity, plumbing supplies, generators, some great cafes and a lovely ambience. In other words, a typical mid-town street.

Other things that caught our eye:
*1 Some stalls selling antique and not-so-antique brass objects.
*2 A very old residential building – “Nyaniyar Sahib Oliullah Thaikk”
*3 Shwe Bali – selling their own yoghurt, falooda, and ice-cream since time immemorial.
*4 Some great street food can be found here – fantastic thokes, and sweet and strong tea. In amongst the tables is a post box for international mail – post your postcards or your love letters here!
*5 This building was the headquarters of Steel Brothers and Co, named after their founder William Steel of Glasgow, not the material! Built in the mid 19th century, it was renovated and re-opened as a boutique hotel in 2019, but is currently closed. And it was awarded a Blue Plaque thanks to Yangon Heritage Trust (
*6 A beautiful 1913 building for a bank.

other keywords: church, water filtration, plumbing supplies, stabilisers

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