15th Street

Mostly residential in the middle block, apart from a smattering of Burmese reflexology and massage salons, and some low budget hostels.
The lower block is one place to get those beautifully smooth and cool cane floor coverings and mats, as well as other things made from cane, rattan and bamboo.

Other things that caught our eye:
*1 Around the corner on Mahabandoola is an interesting fabric shop selling good material by the yard (or meter).
*2 A few places to buy a straw hat – great for hot season – or indeed any season.
*3 Not on 15th Street, but round the corner on Strand Road is a shop which supplies the lime that Betel Nut sellers use. And this lime, “slaked lime”, is also EXACTLY what you need for either lime-washing your brick walls, or creating lime plaster. Very cheap and very useful.

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