24th Street

The upper block is a street of two halves. On the West side, you can see old houses and shops, including one of the oldest Hindu temples in the city, built in 1858. On the East side, by contrast, the buildings are large, new and characterless – here you have the back of the two D blocks of the largest market in downtown Yangon, Thein Gyi Zay. Both sides of the street, however, sell the same thoroughly modern plastic stuff – there is no other word for it – plastic toys, wigs, water pistols (though some of the stuff may be seasonal – we walked this street just as Myanmar was about to celebrate Thingyan) – so much plastic!

The lower block sells somewhat more useful plastic stuff, with shade netting and tarpaulins at the intersection and packaging materials, rolls of sacking and twine and many rubber bands, down the street. And at the corner of Mahabandoola Road there is the smallest block of Thein Gyi Market, block E, which sells paints, painting supplies and hardware.

Other things that caught our eye: (just the one in this case!)
*1 A clan house at no. 9, and further up the street at no. 51 is a small but fancy Chinese Buddhist temple.

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