17th Street

Interesting and colourful buildings with a range of architectural styles and periods. Between Anawrahta and Mahabandoola is a fabulous morning wet market including some wholesale foods, on a street without cars, which is a joy. Meat and fish tend to be nearer Mahabandoola, while vegetables, fruits and street snacks are nearer Anawrahta. There is also a passage way to the basement wet market of Than Zay – the “metal market” for all your kitchenwares – see Lanmadaw Road.

Other things that caught our eye:
*1 Rice wraps being made on charcoal stoves.
*2 Bamboo baskets, wood blocks and bamboo skewers.
*3 Rice wraps again (see *1).
*4 Time travel to a Chinese noodle shop (no. 81) with old weighing scales, from a previous era.
*5 Coconut shop (no. 73/75), selling coconuts, coconut cream and jelly.
*6 Old wooden building with Chinese door and interesting tiles.
*7 Two banana sellers – bunches of bananas are extremely photogenic.
*8 The Sit Take Taung Chinese Clan house, with a private Buddhist Temple on top – wrongly marked as a public temple in Google maps.

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